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Friday, April 8, 2011

Six Days in Grand Canyon NP

Last year we spent a couple days near Williams, AZ at CampNavajo, a small National Guard/Army Depot just off I-40.  We decided to take the train one day out to the GCNP.  What a treat it was.  Two hours and back with four hours on the south rim. The food and drink as well as the service was jus outstanding on the train.  We told ourselves then that we were coming the next year and spend more time exploring the Park and surrounding forest and desert.


We had six beautiful days, allbeit a little windy a couple of days and cool nights, but great for hiking and Jeep rides.

We took a few hikes, a few Jeep rides and just walked around the south rim (north rim opens mid-May) for a few hours,  At 7000 feet plus, we had to pace ourselves though.  I don't think I could ever tire of this magnificent spectacle of creation.  It just takes my breath away.

A watchtower built in the early '30s at Desert View overlook

I really can't any words that can make the journey much better.  The photos should encourage anyone to visit this, one of our National Trasures if at all possible, at least once in a lifetime.

I hope the photo journey is pleasing to all who travel it with us.

Nancy & Joe on the rim.  Note my Cincinnati Reds ball cap.  They have won five in a row to start the season and are in first place.  GO REDS!

Six days in the Canyon with a couple Nikons and a Canon point-n-shoot, and I can put a lot of images on photo chips.

The El Tovar Hotel at the south rim

Hopi House

Pack mules getting ready for another group of visitors.

The beginning of the Bright Angel Trail to the Colorado River.  You can hike down (at least one night in the bottom) or mule down and back in one day.  I believe it is about 12 miles one way.

Just another day with some fine folks.

Inian Garden in the trees below, about 4.5 miles in the trail, and the plateau edge about 2 more miles.  Then straight down on switchbacks for another 1.5 or so miles.  No thanks.  Either way, no way.  Bright Angel Camp and Phantom Ranch are popular options hikers take while at the river bottom.

So, here we are at the end of the journey to the GCNP for 2011.  We are currently resting in Holbrook, AZ.  We got our part in from Monaco this morning in Flagstaff, installed, and beat feet out of town.  They are expecting 12 to 15 inches of snow there tonight and tomorrow.  No thanks, no way!  Maybe Al can take the snow :-) but I can't.  So, we'll take quick side trip into the Petrified Forest NP in the morning, weather permitting, and then off to Chinle foe some fabulous canyon sights.  Till then, Joe & Nancy signing off.