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Friday, August 30, 2013

Skagway, Alaska, Part 2

OK, this is the little dock we tied up to, and we got on a bus for a 40 mile ride to Juneau.
After arriving in Juneau, we had lunch with about 13 of our friends at a place called "The Hanger".  Above, after being seated, this was our view out the windows.  At least three cruise ships docked and the little downtown tourist district reflected the extra 8000 folks.  Here is the reason the restaurant  was called the hanger:
There were five of these float planes constantly taking off and landing I assume to take folks on aeriel views of the harbor and the glacier.
Planes in Alaska are a way of routine life.  Seems everyone has either a float plane or a tundra-wheeled or ski legs plane.  It's like a second car to them.
Here we are on the front balcony of the Mendenhall Glacier National Park.  Over our shoulder is the famous glacier that has receded nearly a mile in the last 10 years.  It used to be where we are standing .  Below is the glacier and the adjoining lake.
Above, some of friends at lunch in Juneau.  Below, the waterfall next to the glacier.  Note the enormity of the falls with size of the people in the foreground.
Above, some Sockeye salmon spawning right off the lake and up this little stream.  This spawning ritual was occurring all over Alaska in all the streams and rivers.  Poor fish make love and die.  Sad!
And they are very territorial about their little spawning nest.  Each male run anything else, including ducks & other fish (graylings) away from his lady's nest.
On the way back we stopped by this old Coast Guard lighthouse (currently for sale). helo pad and dock included, and the bald eagles no extra charge.
What a serene setting right in the middle of the bay halfway between Skagway & Juneau.  Almost forgot, harbor seals & Steller sea lions come with property as well...
Just up from the lighthouse was this colony of Steller Lions.  Look at the big bull below.
There were even a few seals just down from the colony.
And of course, there were bald eagles everywhere...Below, Haines, where our captain resides, and we stopped here on the way back to drop a couple passengers.
Above, Haines just before we tied off the boat.  Below, a pic of the captain's seven month old Lab.
And when there wasn't wildlife to take in, there were plenty of other things to look at.
It was such a relaxing boat ride back to Skagway.  Below, Cliff "horning" the train passing us by.  The conductor asked us to show our love to them and to horn them, instead of mooning them.
We did the White Pass Railroad trip up the mountain 23 miles and returned the next day.  Below, waiting for our train to be prepared.  They do two trips up & back every day, on about 5 different trains.  When four ships are in town, they need every car & engine.
Above inside the station and below outside getting ready to cross the tracks over to our train car # 344.
Above in our car, and below boarding it.
Above, my fellow RV'ers whooping it up because they locked me out on the platform between the cars.  Very funny!   Below, a look down at the space and walkway between the cars.
Above a tunnel we passed thru and below a look at our train in a turn, from the platform.
The old bridge trestle.
Above, me & Nancy on the last car's platform & below the view out our coach front window at the harbor of the cruise ships and small craft.
Above, Skagway's Broadway street looking towards the harbor.  Below, the famous Red Onion Saloon.  Note the crowded streets.  10,000 extra folks in the town of 2500.
Here are a few other pics of Skagway's streets.
Above, coach row at Pullen Creek RV Park, at the harbor...and below is a pic of two of the four cruise ships that were in.  There from two to four ships that pull in and out each day.  Wow!  What a business.
Well, I could go on forever with pics from Skagway and the events we experienced over the three days there.  However, I must end here.  Look at the rest of my pics at the link thru the header pic at the top of this blog if you desire.  So, from the Tatogga Lake RV Park, in Iskut, BC, RVing Beach Bums getting ready for a halibut dinner at the lodge here, compliments of the wagon master, Ben.  (Wagon master Nancy has left the caravan this morning at 4AM to attend her son's wedding in Chicago on Sat.  She will rejoin us in Prince George Monday.  She drove 700+ miles today.)

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