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Joe and Nancy
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Palmer, Alaska

We left Valdez on Monday, August 5th, and drove straight to Palmer.  It was about a 5 hour drive, and the last 40 miles or so was pretty narrow & winding up & down hills road.  And, there was lots of traffic.  But we made it there, and about 5 we all headed out to the reindeer farm, about five miles from Mountain View RV park.
Most everyone went I think, as we were all looking forward to the event.  I mean, how often do you get to pet & feed reindeer?
And what would reindeer be without their infamous leader, Santa himself.
And it seemed everyone of the "kids" wanted their photo with the Old Man in red.
I think our group outnumbered the reindeer, NOT!  They had a lot of them.
And they had a small herd of Elk as well.  And they were looking for a fresh pull of grass from us too!
They would have eaten fresh grass for as long as we would give it to them.  Careful though, as they will chomp a finger.  Note how we had to give it to them, in a bouquet type presentation.
"Hey, can someone give me some"?  Ah...thanks Evelyn for the munch.
What kind of thanks is that for taking your picture?  A rasberry?  Gee, thanks!
The Elk were pretty docile.  I guess they get a lot of visitors.
OK, it's feeding time for the reindeer.  And did we ever!  I never seen so many hungry deer and folks just wanting to provide the goods.  :-)
He ate my whole cup and wants more!  Imagine that Steve!
Not everyone fed the freindly critters.  Oh, they were your friend so long as you had cup of food.
Not everyone was anxious to jump into the pen to feed the reindeer though.  Some of the folks just sat on the front porch and laughed & took pics.
But those that did appeared to have a lot of fun, expecially after a five hour RV ride.  Nice change of pace...
Hard to believe that these guys grow these huge racks every season, from scratch...and the gals can grow some almost as large...didn't know that!...
And they even had a Wood Buffalo here too.  He was a gentle giant too.
And now for the most laughing I have done in quite while:  Moose smooching!
This was hilarious.  The wagon masters, having been here before, knew that bananas was like candy to a Moose.  And they had a bagfull of half bananas for every to have a chance to smooch the moose.  So, sit back and enjoy the pics of our fellow RV'ers smooching the friendly moose.
Some of the folks actullay looked as if they enjoyed it more than the gentle moose.
Some acted like "Why am I doing this"?
Both Nancys and Sharon discussing the fun time with the farm animals.
  Well, we only spent the one night in Palmer, but it truly was a memorable one.  Our folks will remember this day forever, and that about wraps up this blog.  Written & published from Seward, AK.  Tomorrow (Friday, July 9) we drive to Homer, and our Halibut fishing trip.  Hope the weather is agreeable Sunday for that.  Till then, RVing Beach Bums at the Senior Center.