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Joe and Nancy
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fairbanks, Alaska, Part 1

This was one of our stops while in Fairbanks.  This was a neat place.  It was a mix of eateries, history and entertainment.  And I will proceed to show you in pictures some of each of our afternoon/evening visit here.
After being picked up at the Riverview RV Park and a 20 minute ride, we were dropped off and immediately got in line for a Salmon Bake, Alaska style...  Outside 40 foot grill, and prime rib steaks, baked salmon of course and beer battered cod...  Yummy!  Below, Ben getting us our plates.
It was raining off & on, but finally stopped & the rest of the evening was just fine.
After a scrumptious dinner and a couple of brew-skis, it was time to walk it off, and do a little window shopping and take in some of the local historical remnants.
And Terri had to try out the fish...I won't post the pics of her mounting/dismounting the fish however..:-)
Window shopping only girls...remember, this is a tourist trap with inflated prices...
Not sure what this was, but my guess was a horse drawn grader???  Below shovel worked among other places in it's history, the Panama Canal construction.
And below was a gold shaker table...
We walked aboard this paddle wheel steamer.
Many of the old structures/cabins have been relocated here for preserving the rich history that the local citizens are so proud to call their heritage.  And for us visitors, it allows us to peek into and share with them that heritage.  These buildings were just awe inspiring. And flowers!  Oh my!  They tell us that the long days 16 to 18 hours of daylight, allow the flora and gardens to produce large & beautiful flowers & veggies.  Here are some of the flowers in this park.
I just enjoyed all of them.
And then it was show time at the Palace Theater. 
From their website:  The show recognized by the Alaska Visitor's Association and thousands of satisfied patrons every summer since 1986 as "The Number One Show Throughout Alaska and Canada."  "The Golden Heart Revue" is a lighthearted, comic look at the colorful characters from early & present day Fairbanks. With the Fairbanks gold strike by Italian immigrant miner, Felix Pedro, in 1902, came the opportunists, homemakers and other seekers who built the town of Fairbanks on the banks of the Chena River in the very heart of the vast Alaskan wilderness.
The performers above, were by far the best we have seen of all the shows we have seen on this tour.  The girls voices were incredible.  Below, fellow RV'ers meeting the performers after the show.
Next morning it was off to the Discovery III paddle-wheel river boat.  It was a very large boat and there were a lot of people on it.  The round trip cruise on the Chena River lasted about three hours, with a visit to the Chena Village along the way.
I got on early so I could photo some of our folks getting aboard.
Above, Discovery II docked just down from the launch site.  Not sure if it is still in service.  And below, Discovery I.
It was nice day to on the river boat.

Then we were treated to a float plane take off & landing, right in front of us and Discovery I.  Wow, that plane can take off in less than 200 yards, and land almost vertically.
Above, Sammy & Chuck await the next demonstration by the local First Alaskans at the Chena River Village.  I got to run for now, as it's time for the road trip meeting back in the campground.  So, this blog will end for now but I'll continue with the Village visit and the rest of our events while in Fairbanks.  So, till then, RVing Beach Bums, from Teslin, Yukon on Wednesday, Aug 28.