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Joe and Nancy
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dinner At Aunt Dorothy's Home

Soon after arriving in Bushnell, my Aunt Dorothy invited me & Nancy to dinner at her home in the historic section of Ocala.  Several other relatives and friends were also present and enjoyed a marvelous dinner (as always) prepared by my Aunt.  Above my Aunt & her daughter Cathy are opening a bottle of red!
Kay (Chuck's friend), Chuck Aunt Dorothy's oldest son, Nancy, Larry (Chuck's younger brother) and Dorothy's hand :-) about to dig in.  Yummy!
Cathy, Sonja (I think, but not sure, as my memory once again fell off the bus), Chad's friend, and Chad, Larry's son.
Mary Jane (Larry's wife) and Cathy enjoying the after-dinner ambience of a family get-together and singing along to the music.  A bit imbibed perhaps??  And seated beside is one of the family of course, is Morgan, one of two Scottie's belonging to Cathy.
And they have reached their limits of two glasses of Kendall Jackson Chardonnay.
Larry, announcing that Mary Jane is very close to going over the edge.  Fun evening.  Mary Jane & Cathy are just behind me dancing to the music.
Kay, Dorothy, and the party girls.
Larry encouraging Mary Jane to slow down & watch that little step down.  Note Kay in the background asking Chuck, "Is she ok"?  Kidding of course!
Relaxing on the patio with some fresh fruit & cheesecake.  It was a most pleasant evening and the weather cooperated so that we all had a great time with food, family and conversation.
And Aunt Dorothy:  She has put in a long day.  She deserves a big thank you for going way overboard, putting in such a loving time preparing the goodies for all to enjoy.  I'm confident she slept well that night.  Whenever we visit, she makes certain that food is the center piece of the gathering that makes conversation & friendship with family so enjoyable and memorable.  Thank you Aunt Dorothy.  Our stay in Florida will bring us to her home several more times before departing.  So, until the next time, RVing Beach Bums signing off.

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