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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reds Spring Training & Golfing in Goodyear, AZ

The scoreboard from the back
This is the second year the Cincinnati Reds have been in Goodyear, AZ, having moved from Sarasota, Fl.  They share the 12 ball fields and this main field for their games with the Cleveland Indians.  There are 13 other major league teams in the Phoenix area and I believe the Reds have played each of them at least once this spring. 
This is the other side of the scoreboard.

Joe & Nancy sitting on the grass berm just behind the left field wall.

A view from the infield box seats.  Note the berm below the scoreboard, and we were playing the Cubs this day, and we "killed" the "Cubbies".

Homer Bailey (pitcher) warming up before the game.

Johnny Gomes stretching out.

The right field food pavillion where one can partake of the buffet and a bar.  We upgraded a couple times to this seating area, on Sundays right after Church.

Paul Janish, infielder stretching out his legs

Dusty Baker (Manager) siging autographs before the game.

Joey Votto, the National League MVP last year getting ready to hit a home run.

Jay Bruce getting his whacks in.

Well, guess I need to say goodbye to the Reds and Goodyear, AZ.  We hope to return next spring and will get the season tickets once again for each home game (16 games) at the Goodyear Park.  But before I close out this blog, I want to share a few photos of my golfing with my friend and former colleague at Northrop Grumman, Bill Cochran, who happened down to Goodyear for a week of golf and the Reds.  He too has plans for a return engagement next year.

Bill Cochran, my driver :-) each day we golfed at various courses.  This was Tres Rios Golf Course.

Alice, from Canada, a native of Czechoslovakia, played in our group at the Wigwam course.  She was a hoot and kept us in stitches the whole round.  She rewarded us with hugs when we made good shots.  :-)

Bill setting up for a short iron to the green.  Alice is encouraging him...

Our foursome at the Wigwam Course.  The taller man at the left is Richard (forgot last name) and he just happened to be in Goodyear watching his son-in-law in spring training.  Who is his son-in-law you might ask?  What a coincidence:  Bill Bray, a pitcherfor the Reds, and, Bill Bray is from Ocean Lakes High School in Virginia Beach, where we live.  WOW!  Alice sang "It's a Small World"...and it really is...

Bill, recieving some additional "encouragement" after our round.  He stated to me at the time, "What's your hurry Joe"?  Hmmmmm...

I just hit my ball in the swamp up by the green and Bill was explaing where it went in.  Thanks Bill!  This was the Falcon Course right next to Luke Air Force Base and we watched F16 Falcons take off all morning.

Early morning on the Falcon Course.

Well, I guess it's time to bid adeau to the Phoenix area for this year as we prepare to move on to Las Vegas to meet up with my Sister and her family.  More about that in my next blog.  We hope to return next year to the Reds and the wonderful weather Phoenix offers in March.  A little windy at times, but nonetheless, beats most any day in March back home.  Till the next blog, Joe & Nancy