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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jerome, AZ, an old mining town

Old Hotel Conner on the corner.  :-)  The town was hopping with a lot of loud music coming from the "eateries" and the streets were full of the younger set.  There a few biker boys as well.  The mountains and winding roads are perfect for bikers.

We took some photos of the large open pit, but after seeing the great Lavender Pit in Bisbee, AZ, this one pales in size and viewing awe.  So, I will not post them.  However, Jerome was a neat little town, and we wanted to stop by the Haunted Hamburger House, but it was late and we wanted to scoot on over Mingus Mountain before dark and perhaps catch a glance at som elk over on the Prescott side.  We didn't see any.

The old Sheriff's cruiser.  I think it came from Mayberry. :-))

If you click on this to enlarge it, you can read an old sign that mentions Victor Phonographs.  Wonder if half the kids in this town ever heard of a phonograph?

Enlarging this photo will reveal the year this was built.

Right down the street from the Conner Hotle are the ruins of the old Bartlett Hotel.  Here are a couple of pics from the ruins.

As I mentioned earlier, we didn't spend a lot of time here, unfortunately.  We want to come here the next time and spend at least a half day and learn a little more about the town and the history of the mines and those that worked them and supported the mining community.

On the way out of town, half way up the Mingus Mountain.  The view was splendid.  A little hazy.  But that ridge over yonder is about 12 miles away, and just about in the middle of the valley below, up on a little mound, is the ancient pueblo of the Sinagua, Tuzigoot.  And to the left is Clarkdale.

On top of Mingus Montain, we felt like looking for a ski lift.

On the west side of Mingus Mt, we caught the evening sun settling down for the night.  We headed on over to Prescott for a bite to eat at Zeke's Eatin Place.  Wow!  Listen to a review of Zeke's, which is on SR 69 in Prescott:  "Love this place! portions are huge, food is always good, easy to be in place, and lots of big tables if you have lots of people. Always friendly, cool girls that seat you and the waiters are very accomidating to crazy kids. It does tend to get a little pricey, but well worth it being that their is so much food that you get."

So, as we close out another blog from our travels, Al from The Bayfield Bunch is right.  The sunsets out here in Arizona are just fantastic.  We see folks all along the highways and overlooks just parked watching the beautiful sunsets.  Just wonderful.  Thanks Al.  Till the next time, RVing Beach Bums, Joe & Nancy