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Joe and Nancy
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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Grand Canyon National Park Blog 2

OK, Blog #2 of our time at the GCNP began with a drive up to Point Imperial.  Again, we have a lot of pics, so I'll keep comments to just a few words,  I hope you enjoy the pics as much as we did taking them.  Some of these overlooks (below) were breath taking.  And scary!
It's just amazing that the eons of time can create such an archaeologically colorful panorama.
It's generally about a thousand feet higher on the North Rim and it also is hard to believe that rim-to-it's 10 miles average, unless you walk, and then it's about 25 miles.  And a lot of folks do.
We tried to catch a lightening bolt in mid-air, but had to settle for the cloud burst.
We managed to take a break and have lunch at the lodge restaurant.  Nice!
Miss Nancy blazing the trail.
Colorado River
Not too smart people climbing on top of the rock.
One can do a lot of meditating if that's your cup of tea.
At 8500 feet elevation, we took our time when transiting the trails.
Snack time
This was just a large gravel wash circling down to the river.
We never knew there were so many cabins here.  I think we counted like 60 of them, and then the lodge, and a large campground too.
Well, that about wraps up our second blog on our visit to GCNP, 2015.  This blog was written and published from Cordele, GA on 1/24/2016.  Till our next blog, RVing Beach Bums signing off.