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Joe and Nancy
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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Grand Canyon National Park Blog 1

Well, this was our fourth visit to one of our all time favorite places in North America over the past five years.  And as usual, we took several hundred photos as we camped out at Jacob Lake on the North Rim side for four days.  I will attempt to keep my comments to a minimum.  Of course we can never begin to post all our pics, just ones we think highlight this magnificent earth work of Arizona. 
North Rim Lodge looking towards the South Rim.  This was first visit to the North Side.  Ans We both agree:  The views are more panoramic and wide from over here.  Definitely different.
The Lodge
The campground was behind the Inn, so we came in here and bought home choco chip cookies a couple of times. Yum!  Below, this biker must have had a long ride.
We took a Jeep road one day over to Point Sublime about 20 miles from Jacob Lake.  And it was rough in several places.  But exciting.
Jeepy liked the ride.  And we had a nice lunch on the Rim.
Out on the points, we actually had wi-fi cell coverage.  So we each caught up on the world events (email) and sent in our stories to the media (Facebook photos).  :-)
The mighty Colorado River
Well, our time here is always so relaxing and tiring.  I know that sounds crazy, but if you think about, it just makes perfect sense.  We just couldn't find enough time each day to do the exploring we wanted to do, and there is too much to explore.  So, stay tuned for Blog 2 as we continue to bring you more pics from our visit here at GCNP.  So, till then, RVing Beach Bums signing off.  This blog was written and published from Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park on 1/23/2016.