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Joe and Nancy
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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Phoenix, AZ March 2012

Well, our time in Phoenix for our 2012 Getaway is about to end.  We pulled in here at Leaf Verde RV Resort on March 1, (actually Buckeye, about 20 miles west of Phoenix), and tomorrow, April 2, we pull out and head to Williams, AZ for about a week.  But more about Williams later.  Let me tell you about our month here first.  Our goal was to come to the warm climes of the area, relax, go to a few Res games, play a little golf, and do a little "Jeeping".  I'm happy to say that we accomplished all the above, and then some.  My old friend and former colleague at Northrop Grumman, Bill Cochran was able to join us for two weeks, March 3-17.  We got in about 10 rounds of golf, in 14 days.
The first round we played was my first round since early in December while still in Virginia Beach.  I thought I'd be pretty rusty, but managed to shoot most rounds in the low to mid 80's.  Except Quintero.  That absolutely magnificent venue just kicked my butt.  After Bille left, I managed to get in another three rounds, 36 in one day.  What great weather here this time of year.  And this area has about 100 courses in which to play.  From $25 (Sundance) to $250 (Boulder and TPC Scottsdale).  Bill had a great time and can't wait till next year when he can come and watch the Reds, and oh yes, get in a little golf. :))
And speaking of the Reds, we did manage to get in a few games, but not as many as last year.  Golf was the attraction this year.  Here are a few pics from those games.
 Bill, Nancy and yours Goodyear Park.  It was a little cool this day.
 Jay Bruce, the right fielder.  He has lost 15 pounds from the end of last season.  Looks lean & mean.
 Scott Rolen & Ryan Ludwick (a new acquisition from the Cards).
 And Zizzy, the mascot of the Reds when in Goodyear.
 Above, Billy Hatche, coach & manager, Dusty Baker talking baseball, or is where they are going for dinner?  Below, a souvenier about to land in a youngster's hands from a Red in the dugout.
 And Eric Davis, coach & former all star player for the Reds, having a little fun with the fans.
 Coach Hatcher & a couple of players, and pitching coach and Dusty talking about what pitchers are likely to make it, and those who need a little more work & experience.
It sure is a nice little venue here in Goodyear for my Reds, but not as nice as their home in Cincinnati, Great American Ball Park.  It's now April 1, and in just a few days, the regular season will kick off, but to cooler and not to friendly skies of the northern climes.  But it will warm up in a few weeks and the Reds hope to be in first place and go to the playoffs in September.
Well, I've probably rambled enough for now, but I have more to blog about our time here in Phoenix/Buckeye.  So, until then, RVing Beach Bums.