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Joe and Nancy
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Junior Ranger Austin at Montezuma's Castle

Here is Austin receiving his official certificate from the NPS Ranger.  Below he is told what he needs to do at the park in order to recieve his badge.
 Mother pinning the "official" badge on a proud new junior ranger!  Below, the cliff-dwelling Castle.
 Caught this butterfly on a cactus flower just outside the visitor center door.
Here are more pics of the Castle.
 Jennifer, Nancy and Austin enjoying a beautiful, relaxing day in the park.
 Austin, proudly showing his newest badge, and he is wearing his junior ranger hat from Yellowstone NP.  Below he is running up the road to the motorhome, as we stopped along the way to Flagstaff/Williams.  We visited Grand Canyon later and I will blog that later as well.
 Looking back from where the MH was parked down at the visitor's center.  Below, Jennifer, Nancy & Austin.
Sometimes, words are hard to come by in describing a moment in a young man's life.
 Grandma filling in the blanks on Austin's work sheet that will be used to grade his accomplishments for his badge.  Below, Mother thinking about how nice it is to get away once in a while.  We were so glad to have her & Austin visit us for the week.  Just wish all our grandchildren and parents could be with us sharing the precious memories.
 I will always be amazed at our early Native Americans and their accomplishments in building & construction as they survived many generations in this Verde Valley of Arizona.
 Austin in front of one of his items needed for identifying on his worksheet:  Prickley Pear Cactus.  And below, he is signing his certificate.
What a fun side trip to Montezuma's Castle.  Now, on to Williams RV Park and further adventures (and more badges) to far away places.  Till then and our next blog, Joe & Nancy, the RVing Beach Bums.