Joe and Nancy

Joe and Nancy
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Boston, Mass for a Few Days

We left West Point Monday afternoon and made it into Hanscom Air Force Base around 6 in the afternoon.  It was a pretty easy drive and nice weather up I-95 and through the western edge of Boston.  The base is on the north side of town, so we had to drive on through the work hour traffic.  UGH!  On Tuesday we headed into Beantown early for a walk-around the wharf area.  Of couse the center of attention is the Navy's oldest commissioned ship, Old Ironsides, USS Constitution.
 Above, me posing for Miss Nancy!
And above I caught Miss Nancy strolling down the main deck.
 Above, main deck looking aft, and below the first deck.  See those white looking things that look like stancions?  Those are strengthening ribs that made the ship nearly impossible for enemy canon balls to penetrate.  They just bounced off, ie, Old Ironsides.
 Below, our tour guide discussing some relevant items around the main deck and some history of the old ship.  She was an active sailor and her first tour out of "boot camp".  Nice!
 Below, Nancy and our guide talking sailor talk...:-)
 Our guide below main deck with our group as she discuss the story about Old Ironsides and other battles the ship had been involved.  Below, the rudder steering mechanism.  Two sailors would "man" a larke pole that would slip into one of the notches on the wheel, and would turn one way or the other depending on what command was given.
 Below, looking aft at the CO's stateroom and other officers as well.
 Above, our group egressing up to the main deck, and below is another pic of our guide.
 Below is a look at the down and up ladders.
 Above, the ship's shiny bell.  Below, Nancy listening (not really dozing) to the guide.
 Below, a peek inside the CO's Stateroom.
 Above, the ship and the brow, and below anothe angle at the brow with Boston as a backdrop.
Above, the fantail of the Constitution.  And thus ends (pun intended) our time aboard Ols Ironsides.  It certainly was an enjoyable time.  I think it's time for a visit over to the local brewery for a walk around.
Sam Adams!  Need I say more?  We paid our 2 bucks and did the factory tour.  Above our guide explains all the different ingredients that make up their different brews.  On the floor you can spot the hops that folks from previous tours rolled the hops in their hands to smell the fragrance.  We did also, as well as the different grains he passed around.  You can actually see some of the hops they grew inside the room for demonstration purposes.  Pretty neat.  Where's the tasting room?
 Above, some of the storage barrels of a recent brew.  Below more barrels and a large mixing vat or two.  Actually, the vast majority of their brew is made in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  This is a small operation here, even though it was the first, and still American owned!  Where's the tasting room?
 Above, the mixmaster is preparing the ingredients for the cookers and preparing to add the yeast.  Below, more barrels with the type and date brewed.  They were making Octoberfest at the time.  Ok, enoughs enough!  When is the tasting room happening?
 Alright, now that's what I'm talking about, finally.  Look at those pitchers.  Those two pitchers served about 20 people, and we had these little 4-ounce glasses, that we were allowed to keep.  Too cute!  Note the large glass the guide is drawing from the tap.   Hmmm, how does one apply for a job that pays you to drink beer?  Wonder how many tours he does each day?  :-)
Behind him above, are our next two pitchers for tasting.  We tasted 3 different varities, and offered opinions on each.  Miss Nancy justed watched me taste.  And she gave me her little Sam Adams glass too.  Too cute!
 After the tour, at the invitation of our guide, we took the local gas-trolley bus down to F.J Dolyes Braddock Cafe for lunch and a free Sam Adams 12 ounce glass.  See Nancy over in front waiting for the return trolley to the brewery?  Below, one of our tour comoany friends took our pic in front of the cafe.
So, thus ends our nice day hanging around Boston.  We didn't make it to Fenway Park though, even though the Sox were in town.  The city at night is just too much for the both of us.  We did hang around for a couple more days, and we have a few more stories to share as well as some pics.  So, till then, Joe & Nancy.