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Joe and Nancy
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

La Jolla, Mt Soledad, Harbor and Old Town San Diego

The La Jolla shores

It's that kind of shore, one to sketch on paper, and one to sketch in the memory forever

Ah yes, and for young lovers too!

It was a beautiful day, not much wind and in the mid fifties

And Torrey Pines Golf Couse, just above the La Jolla cliffs, site of the 2008 US Open, where Nancy and me volunteered.

And the hang glider/parasail port just south of the golf course.

Catch some wind, take a little run and jump off the 300 foot cliff; nothing to it!

Getting his gear ready for lift off...

Catch the wind and give a little jerk to the sail and hold on.

Many different colors and types, including the folks doing this...

Coming in for a landing...

Only hang glider we saw..

Packing it away till the next time...

Almost done...

One of the many corollary uses of a crutch..:-)

Mt Soledad Veterens Memorial; and from their website:
  • Six concentric walls will ultimately hold 3,200 black granite plaques purchased by donors and engraved with the names and photos of war veterans - currently more than 2,700 are in place

  • Each plaque 'tells the story' of a veteran's military service or that of a group’s military service

  • Unique memorial that honors U.S. veterans - living and deceased – that have been honorably discharged from any branch of the U.S. military

  • Includes uniformed members of the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard also Merchant Marine veterans who served during WWII

  • Originally dedicated as Korean War Veterans Memorial in 1952

  • Large American Flag proudly flies over the Memorial

  • 23 bollards honor community and veteran organizations (sold out)

  • Brick pavers honor veterans and supporters of Mt. Soledad  

  • There are hundreds of these plaques honoring veterens from all over our country.  They are very unique in that there is no place in the USA that has such an event, and the location:  Atop Mt Soledad with a 360 degree view of San Diego, La Jolla, Miramar and well beyond...absolutely breathtaking, yet very melancholy.

    Go to there website if you're interested in getting a service member added to the memorial.

    Retired Senior Chief Wilford Sturgeon who was "on watch" at the time, spends many watches at the memorial.  He is the volunteer tour guide, visitor's support and general "welcomer" to all visitors.  Senior has over 60 years of Navy and Government service, and yes, his plaque is among the many that are proudly displayed at the memorial.  If you are ever in San Diego, and you have a hankering to view some interesting stories told in plaques of many a veteran, don't miss this. 

    Looking north from the memorial

    Old Glory standing proudly over her warriors...

    San Diego Harbor, just south of Harbor Island

    The marina..

    The marina...

    Time for lunch at The Rockin Baja...great pomegranate margaritas ...
    Old Town just up from the Rockin Baja...

    Pretty neat place, mostly an open air eatery/drinkery...:-)

    In Old Town there many such vendor shops such as this looking to trap the tourist...

    Well, it's moving day for the RVing Beach Bums.  It's Thursday morning, and Nancy has put a load of wash in; I will empty the tanks and fill the fresh water tank, as we prepare for about five days of dry camping to the east...not sure exactly where, but somewhere in the vicinity of Yuma, AZ, El Centro, CA, and Quartzite, AZ.  That is kinda like a triangle of area, and any where in that triangle will be much better weather than what is being predicted here in San Diego this weekend.  Then, on March 1 we will pull into Scottsdale, AZ for 30 days, at the Eagles View RV Resort.  So, until next time, Joe & Nancy