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Joe and Nancy
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Farewell to Monterey/Pebble Beach

Well, here it is Monday evening and we are packing things away and doing a little straightening and cleaning as we prepare to depart early in the morning for the Paso Robles area.

Steve Marino, leader first three days of the tourney on the 14th tee Saturday

My photos tonight were taken Saturday with my Bushnell binoculars, so the quality will not be up to par to my Nikons.  (I sneaked the Bushnell's in as they don't really look like a camera.)  Cameras are not allowed during the actual rounds of the tourney.

Padraig Harrington on the 14th tee

It has been a long week.  Even though there is a tremendous amout of excitement and natural beauty to behold here in Monterey, we are glad it's coming to an end.  We are tired.  We met a lot of fine folks (marshals) in the volunteer tent, as well as talking with many folks from all over the country that came in for the golf at Pebble Beach.  Half the RV Park here at Monterey Pines (Navy Post Graduate School) was filled with marshals volunteering at the tourney.

Hole #7 taken from the 13th green

We will camp at Paso Robles for a couple of days and plan to go out to San Simeon to see the Hearst Castle and gardens on Wednesday just off the PCH.   After that, who knows.  Guess I'll pull a Al Bossence from the The Bayfield Bunch, and say, won't know till Thursday morning where we'll head out to next.  You're right AL:  It's nice to be in that position.

Joe and Nancy after a long day on Pebble Beach looking for whale breath

So, I guess the next blog will be after our visit to the Hearst Castle which will post probably Wednesday evening, the 16th.  Here is a little photo my bride took while I was snapping away on the 18th at Pebble Beach on Tuesday.  She wanted to take a picture of me in my knickers.  I could add a couple of lines about her and my knickers, but I better keep it PG-13.


Until next time, Joe & Nancy