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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lambeau Field Tour, Sept 2014

We left Hibbing, MN on Friday Sept 12 headed for Fond du Lac, WI to visit my Sister Brenda, and her daughter Holly.  We didn't drive there in one day, or even two.  Friday night had us stopping over at the Walmart in Brooklyn, MN, just north of Minneapolis.  The next morning we drove to downtown St. Paul in the motor home and parked it near the Mississippi National River & Recreation Area.  We were a little disappointed in that it seemed that this large complex was more of a concessionaires' center than a National Park.
The views were interesting of the River up here on the third floor veranda outside the deli.
It was pretty neat seeing this little river tug up here on the second level on display.  I think I saw a couple kids inside the tug, so from their perspective, it was even neater.
We only stopped by here for a couple of hours then we drove on out of MN and into WI.  It was a nice Saturday afternoon (Sept 13) but we knew we couldn't drive all the way to Fond du Lac, so we opted to camp overnight, which turned into two nights, at Eau Galle Park, a US Army Corps of Engineers park along I-94 about 5 miles south of Menomonie.  Here is a pic of Eau Galle Lake from the south picnic area.  The Corps built this earthen dam in the '60s because of devastating floods along the river valley towns.
Eau Galle
Monday morning and we were on our way to Fond du Lac.  Another pretty day to be traveling America's scenic byways and highways.
Camping Fairgrounds
We camped at the County Fairgrounds in Fond du Lac for three nights, and took in several interesting sights. In the pic above, we parked just behind where the little trailer is above.  And to the right, you can make out a large building.  That building houses three, that's right three, ice rinks and each night they were being used for skating, and hockey.  Hockey players of all ages and ladies, young and old enjoying their graceful moves on the ice. 
 On Tuesday, we drove up to Green Bay and toured Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers.  On Wednesday, we toured the small but interesting Mercury Marine museum near the southern shore of Fond du Lac Lake.  But more on that later.  Above, my Sister Brenda "hamming" it up with a cheese-head look in the Packer souvenir shop.   This is one huge shop.
And boy are they proud of the merchandise too.  WOW!  Bring lots of $$.
Speaking of lots of $$:  How about a 16 seat sky box?  Our tour guide explains the different highlights and perks of leasing one of these babies.  And below, he explains that the large devices on the field are nursery/plant lights.  Huh?  Yep, lights.  It helps keep the grass growing on the field as very little sun hits the field in the fall, not to mention the mountain of shadow the stadium provides. 
I actually remember the "Ice Bowl".  I mean, I remember reading about it in my history book.  :-)
Above, Nancy & Brenda chatting a bit (after all, they are women) before our tour in the huge atrium of the stadium.  And below is "The Tunnel" where the Packers come through each game.  The locker is just to the right.
Above, Brenda near the goal posts taking it all in.  What an historic place to be in.  Wow!  Lambeau Field!
Below, our tour guide graciously snapped this pic.
From the fourth floor looking down at the snazzy field floor of the atrium.
Below, Brenda pointing out a group of tailgaters in an old photo on the wall.  Note the snow in the parking lot.
Below, one of the huge growing lights. 
Our tour guide and me talking it up a little.
And, as we left the stadium grounds, some photos of the bronze statues memorializing the founder and greats of the Packer legend.
So, that about wraps up our visit to Lambeau Field.  It was a little pricey, but it was worth it.  Our two hours was well informed by our guide and the entire complex is well maintained and preserved through several major refurbishments in 80 or so years.
This blog was written & published from our home in Virginia Beach December 13, 2014.  I am trying to get caught up on our journeys from this past fall to the upper midwest before we head off to Florida right after Christmas.  So, till the next blog, RVing Beach Bums signing off.