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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dade Pioneers Day at the Park

Above, most of the members of the Dade Pioneers, at the February meeting at the lodge in the Dade Battlefield Historic State Park.  They meet monthly to discuss ways in which they can participate at the many events conducted at the Park throughout the year.
The Pioneers are treated at some of their meetings with guests from other parks or interesting subjects that relate to the early days of the Florida settlers.  To the left is their leader, Karen Cloud, a teacher in the South Sumter school system.
This month, they were treated to a show & tell of some of the animals from the Homosassa Springs State Park.  Above is a snake, (not sure what kind) that on the trip from their park, it shed it's skin.  Yuk!  Below is the skin.
Above is a Coral Snake (frozen).  They shared this snake as a lesson to know the difference between this and a another Florida snake that closely resembles it, but is not poisoness.
A land terrapin, perhaps?
Above, Ranger Kristen Wood, Dade Park resident guru on plants, animals and all creatures in Florida.
This is the protected Gopher Tortoise.  The Park has many of these throughout.
After the program, the Pioneers had a weeny roast using local palm frond stalks, fashioned for holding the hot dog.
The fire was not ready for roasting, but the kids didn't want to wait an hour.  We started the fire a little too late I guess.
Above, Kristen, and volunteers Alisha & Darrell overseeing the weeny roast fire.
Above, the Pioneers were made aware of the opportunity to sponsor a relief fund for young cancer patients at a Tampa hospital (I think) by purchasing an animal for $10.  Mrs. Cloud is explaining the program to them.  Nancy took all the photos for this blog, so a thank you goes out to my blogging partner. 
That about wraps up this short blog for now, so till the next time from Bushnell, RVing Beach bums signing off.

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