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Joe and Nancy
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Florida to Nebraska Summary Blog

Now that I've caught up with our blogs, I thought it would be fitting if I did a blog summarizing our journey since we began in January.  Above is our street, but it wasn't quite this bad.  This was 2011.  But, this pic shows that it can get "nasty" even in Virginia Beach.
We did depart the Beach on Jan 11 and headed for Dade Battlefield Historic State Park (DBHSP) in Bushnell, FL.  We had applied back in November to volunteer here and was accepted.
When we first arrived at the Park, our site was a jungle, literally.  I started cutting trees, vines, and palmettos.  I also needed to clear 7 large oak stumps that had been left from previous attempts.
I was fortunate in that the other 8 or so volunteers jumped right in and helped me clear the area.  The Park Manager, Bruce Whiting blessed our work.  :-) 
This is Bruce sitting on his brand new Husqvarna $4500 mower.  Ranger Jim in the background.
Our chores varied widely, but none were insurmountable. Challenging at times, but we just kept busy, and that's what we like to do.
Miss Kristin (OPS Kristin Wood) was our coordinator, and she kept EVERYONE busy.  She planned & ran most all of the events in the Park.
There were weddings,
...old house tear-downs...
Easter egg hunts...and egg tosses...
...bird house making day...WWII re-enactment...
Karaoke...and get-togethers....and Abbott & Costello skits...
...and high school days....and art in the park days...
So, our four-month volunteering at the Park was enlightening, refreshing change of pace to say the least, but educational.  We learned about Incredible Edibles, Swallowed-tail Kites, Seminole Wars, and the surrounding Sumter County communities.  We liked it so much (and apparently this reciprocated because they have invited us back) we will return in Jan, Lord willing of course.  We did manage a couple side trips to Disneyworld with our daughters and Grands.  Making memories!
We packed up on May 9 and rolled out of Bushnell and headed home (after a brief 2-day stop at Alliance RV in Wildwood, FL for some necessary repairs) to Virginia Beach.
Bushnell is a quiet little county seat community with mostly depressed economy.
It would be terribly unfair of me to not mention the fun times with my Aunt Dorothy, Cousin Cathy, Cousin Larry & wife Mary Jane, Cousin Chuck & Kay.  My Aunt is a fabulous cook and she loves preparing all kinds of yummy treats.  We spent several days/evenings there enjoying their hospitalities, fellowship and golfing at the Villages with Larry.  (Keep practicing Larry, I'll give you a chance to win your $$ back next spring.)
Above, Kay, Chuck, Nancy, & Larry...below, Cathy & Mary Jane enjoying a glass (or two) of KJ Chardonnay...and below them is Kay & Chuck.
Below, Larry just explained to me that Mary Jane shouldn't have had that second glass of KJ...too funny....
I guess it's obvious, we had a fun four months and we packed in a lot of busy days & events...Whew!  I can't wait to do it all over again...
We made it home and it was a whirlwind stop to say the least.  We were busy unpacking, loosening our load in preparing for our long upcoming journey to Alaska in July-Sept, re-arranged some things as our daughter Natalie and family moved in (and that is a good thing).  I made about 15 corn hole boards, made some little bookcase type storage thingies for our MH (we took out one of our sofas and replaced it with two Lane recliners). and took off 10 days later for Ardmore, PA, Amish Country, US Open, with a whistle stop in Northern VA to visit our Daughter Jennifer & her family.  Whew!  What a pace.  I really think it keeps us going!  Thank you Lord for our health & energy, to YOU be the glory!
We left Amish Country (Stoltzfus RV) June 17 and headed west towards my Sister Debbie's home for a 3-day whistle stop.  While these pics were of the family reunion last year, I thought it appropriate as she hosted the reunion there since 1992.  I have many fond memories of our times there over the past 25 years.  Thank you Sis for those times and being so nice in allowing us to park our home there.  Below, Walt (and thank you too Walt for all you technical support) Debbie's Hubby, and Walt Wolf, both my classmates and nearly life-long friends. 
So, we continued our trek from Oregonia, OH on June 21 and headed west.  First stop was an overnight (Walmart RV Resort) in Champaign, IL, then on to the Amana Colonies RV Park near Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  While there, we had another yummy dinner at Ronnenberg Restaurant.
From there we drove the MH to Lincoln, NE for another stay at a Walmart, then up and on to Sidney, NE and an overnight at the Cabela's RV Park.  And now, we are all caught up.  It is Tuesday, June 25 and today we will head to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO and a stay at the FAMCAMP there.  We hope to spend a day or three here to explore Pikes Peak, Rocky Mountain NP & maybe a few other things in the area.  So, stay tuned for our next journey, RVing Beach Bums.