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Joe and Nancy
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lebanon, Ohio for a Week

My Mother, Shirley, will be 82 on her next birthday in January.

After we left Davenport, IA (6/2) we headed for my boyhood era home of Lebanon, Ohio.  But 430 miles is a bit too far for us in one day, if we don't have to.  So we overnighted in Indy Lakes RV Park.  We didn't have the time or inclination the next morning to go into the Indy Speedway/Museum, so I guess we'll save that adventure for another trip. 
My sister Debbie, and when she sees this photo she'll disown me, but it's the only one I snapped of her while visiting Lebanon.  Her and her hubby Walt were gracious enough to allow us to park our motor home in there side yard while were visiting.  They actually live about 5 miles or so out of Lebanon towards I-71 in a little 'burg called Oregonia.  It sure was nice and a peaceful setting as well in the country. 

Here is Walt on his hemi-engined Farmall F20 restored tractor.  Walt fixes, restores and shows tractors as a hobby.  He also is member of a local group of fellow tractor enthusiasts who all share similar likes.  He goes around the not-so-far-away country and attending tractor shows and tractor pulls.  While we were visiting in fact, he was rebuilding/restoring an on old Ford tractor for a friend of his.
He started this up and drove it around the barn and house the morning we left.  WOW!  What a powerful tractor, and loud.  What a sweet ride.  And he is (rightly) proud of his work.  It sure is a showpiece.
Their son, Walt, Jr, was given a couple tickets to the Reds ball game at the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, so of I went with him to the game.  The played the Cubs, and won.  Here is a pic of him at the game.  Nevermind my face as I snapped it myself. 
Fun time at the game, and the large screen display.  We attended church services with my sister Debbie, and her daughter, Tabitha, and her son, Brady.
Here are a couple of pics of some old structures just up from the street in Waynesville, where we attended church services.
Well, while it hasn't been a very interesting blog compared to some of our past blogs about the country, my time visiting family, including another sister, Brenda and her daughters Mandy and Holly, and brothers Chris, below, and Greg in Cincinnati, was certainly enjoyable.  We have a family reunion every July at Debbie's house, but it looks like we're going to too busy to get back there for that, so we'll make like this was our reunion.
My brother Chis.
My Mother just asked me to put away my camera below, so I did.
And on that note, I'll put away my Toshiba and get ready for Church.  It's Sunday, 6/12 and we are parked at  the Cherryhill RV Park near College Park, MD.  We will be here till June 21 while volunteering at the Tiger-less US Open golf tournament being held at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, MD, just up I-495 from us.  Our next blog will include pics from the first couple days from the course, as well as some pics of our daugter Jennifer and her family, who live down the road a piece in Alexandria, VA.  So, till then, RVing Beach Bums signing off.