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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Calgary Rodeo Chuck Wagon Races

The Calgary Stampede grounds are huge.  The two week affair is like a large State Fair in the US.  It is that kind of atmosphere.  It is a large party for two weeks for the citizens of Calgary, and Alberta and surrounding Provinces as well as the northern US states.
calgary stampede
Borrowed from the Canadian Press from an online report, above is a photo of the Stampede grounds just 10 days prior to the opening events.  An absolute amazing feat of monumental proportions, when considering there was 15 feet of water in the rodeo stadium.  Congratulations to Calgary and the thousands of volunteers who rolled up their sleeves and put on the show.
This paint-screened fabric poster says it all.
The grounds were very crowded each day we were there.  Truly a huge event for the area, and a fun time for the citizens, and of course the business community as well.
Above, the Glenbow River at a more stable condition.  The river flows thru the grounds, but mostly on the southern edge of the grounds.
Near the southern end of the grounds, and the Earle Town CTrain station, which we used last night after the Extravaganza Show.  Also, near this exit from the grounds, is the Indian Village, where several local tribes call home for the two week period.  The tribes put on educational, cultural, and traditional exhibits for the public to view and learn.
Above are a group of young tribal citizens conversing the afternoon's events, and below, the RCMP Tipi.
Nancy, posing with the RCMP and walking thru the village.
A couple dressed tribal members for the occasion, and below, the village looking back west toward the city of Calgary as a backdrop, a mere four blocks away.
Here are the dances that were performed by members of the five nations that were represented in the village.  Prior to the Extravaganza, we saw five of the dances performed, as well as the hoop dance.  I am reluctant to place the videos here in the blog, as they require a lot of memory to upload and view, but are available on my Google+ photo website. 
Above are the many tribal members participating in the events within the village for the Stampede events.
Above, the ladies doing the traditional dance.  And below, the Native Canadian leaving the stage after performing the hoop dance.
These two pics show the start of one of the nine Chuck Wagon heat races.  Each heat had four wagons and thoroughbred teams of beautiful horses, as well as the eight outriders, on thoroughbreds as well.
And off they go in pursuit of victory.
And these two pics show the teams coming round turn four headed for the finish, with outriders close behind.
Above, the top eight wagon drivers of the week long races that included about 60 teams.  These eight will race this weekend for overall first place and the championship.  But the overall agragate points champ for the week was the cowboy below (in the red), who won the 2013 Chevy pick up.
And here are four five-year olds competing on mini chuck wagons.  and the winner is:  Zachary!  You can see the very back of his wagon in the lower left.  He is gone!
Here a couple of close ups of a driver negotiating the start of the race around the barrels.  Most of the drivers were large, physically sound cowboys.
Between heats, this Clydesdales team & wagon passed by in parade view.  Beautiful animals!  And checkout the number folks that are on that wagon.
And check out the beautiful Paint horse above escorting the wagon.
Well, that about wraps up the Chuck Wagon races for the evening (Friday).  And now, it's about time to bring on the stage and the Extravaganza.  But, will the weather cooperate?
Guess you'll have to tune in to our next blog, as that is a wrap on this one.  So, till the next exciting adventure from Calgary, Alberta, RVing Beach Bums with only 55 days left till the end.

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